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Regional Representative

Net Your Problem
Net Your Problem
Job Functions:
Product, Sales & Business Development, Operations
Employment Types:
Maine, USA; Massachusetts, USA
20 USD per hour
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Net Your Problem LLC is a company that collects end of life fishing gear from fishermen, turning waste into a resource by diverting this material from the landfill. We utilize disposal methods such as waste to alternative fuels, reuse, prioritize mechanical recycling and also use advanced or chemical recycling when it is available. We are currently licensed to do business in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Maine and Massachusetts and are looking to expand to Florida and Texas.

This job posting is for a Regional Representative (one each in Maine and Massachusetts) to manage all aspects of operations within a localized collection program. Day to day tasks are variable but are centered around the collection and logistics of moving large volumes of fishing gear from points of collection to either a central warehouse or directly to our recycling partners.

Job duties for a NYP Regional Representative include but are not limited to the following:

** Primary Tasks** • Organize and manage (ie be hands on) collection events/logistics for bringing end of life fishing gear into a regional warehouse and sending to our recycling partners. • Maintain records of weights of deliveries and enter those into the tracking system • Regularly interact with and build relationships with fishermen and local organizations who are interested in preventing marine debris by improving waste management practices in the aquaculture and wild capture fishery industries • Actively engage in R&D to find ways to improve disposal for certain materials, in particular those gears that are mixed plastics or have various types of materials (ie rubber, metals, plastics) • Regularly take photos/videos of your activities and upload those to a central storage point • Attend webinars and online meetings to keep abreast of worldwide goings on related to plastic pollution including reading intergovernmental reports and scientific papers • Write reports, proposals and applications for various audiences and assist in editing/formatting written materials produced by your colleagues • Local travel is required, and you will need to provide your own transportation, but be reimbursed at the current IRS mileage rate

Additional Tasks • Spend time working to increase the uptake of the recycled plastic into different manufacturing applications • Occasionally travel to other regions in the US to assist your colleagues • Travel to a common location once per year for a retreat to meet with all the NYP staff, brainstorm, have fun, bond and plan for the year ahead • Attend and potentially exhibit at trade shows to network, build relationships and find potential new business partners/customers • Represent the company in radio, podcast, magazine, newspaper and live recorded interviews

Skills/Capabilities you will need to have (all the others can be taught and learned) are: • An extreme self-starter and work very well without direct supervision or direction. It will be your job to start something brand new in a new location where you will become the local expert on how/why to do certain things. • Be fishing industry adjacent and/or knowledgeable and familiar with the local wild capture and aquaculture businesses, gear types and related local stakeholders in your region. • Capable of lifting 50 lbs. This job requires moving/lifting/handling large piles/bags/bales of fishing gear • Comfortable and interested in learning about different plastic types and how to deconstruct a net • Comfortable with power tools, knives, baling machines, scales, pallet jacks, forklifts, driving large trucks, using a near infrared spectrometer and associated phone app • Be familiar with the following computer programs: Excel, Word, Canva, Hubspot, Google Drive, Zoom • Comfortable in networking events and social scenarios. • Constantly thinking out of the box and including unlikely partners to build financially sustainable and efficient collection programs

Compensation: You will be paid $20 per hour and will work a maximum of 20 hours per week.

To Apply: Please send an updated resume (no page limit) and contact information (phone and email) for one professional reference to Nicole (nicole@netyourproblem.com). If you are further selected, you will be asked to provide a written response to three questions, from which we will choose the top three candidates for an audio interview.

Net Your Problem LLC is an equal opportunity employer.