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Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2024

STO- 85m- expedition- private

POSITION: STO/ITO - Science Technology Officer  - Science, Networking, Audio/Visual/SAT Officer

Must be able to pass an extensive background check and random drug testing. A personality assessment will be given prior to an offer. 

JOB ID: 1527706

Vessel: 80m + commercial , expedition 

Itinerary: worldwide 

Start date: SOON 

Introduction This job description applies to the vessel’s STO/ITO (Science & IT Officer) The STO/IT officer takes responsibility for the day-to-day maintenance of all science research apparatus, computers, audio/visual and communications equipment and ensures its efficient operation. They report to the Chief Engineer as part of the engineering department. Responsibilities: Maintenance of all IT systems & equipment, Implements Cyber Security, Development of IT protocols and improvements. Managers User Access to online systems and troubleshooting. Maintains specialist equipment for Oceanographic research missions. Authority

  • The Science and IT Officer holds administrator authority permissions over all IT systems in line with the ship and company requirements.

Responsibility The STO/ITO acts as an onboard helpdesk, systems administrator and network engineer. His/Her main duties are:

  • Maintenance of all IT systems, portable devices, servers & ships computers
  • Implementation of Cyber Security measures and protocols
  • Development of IT protocols and improvements and training all personnel in these areas.
  • Setup and manage User Access/permissions and controls for emails and online systems
  • Maintain and troubleshoot the shipboard network infrastructure
  • Installation of all software and hardware for both science and ship operations
  • Maintains specialist equipment for Oceanographic research missions
  • Ensure network security and traffic management through access controls, backups and firewalls
  • Upgrade systems with new software and hardware releases, including security updates
  • Maintain technical documentation, manuals and IT policies
  • Act as onboard science officer and laboratory technician. In that role, the STO will:Act as Science Liaison between ship's crew, science party and supernumeraries including participation in pre-cruise mission planning, daily briefings, and post-mission assessments. Also, act to ensure proper lab and oceanographic safety protocols are being followed by all personnel

Operate and maintain various science systems, including:Kongsberg Multibeam Sonar systems including XBT Sound Velocity acquisition Simrad EK80 echosounder Knudsen sub-bottom profiler SeaBird and RBR CTD packages including hydrographic winch operation Navigational GPS and motion reference units Ultra-Short Baseline submersible tracking system Data Acquisition Systems Oversee proper use and maintenance of shipboard laboratory equipment Provide documentation of science equipment and activities, including cruise reports, data/technical issues, logs, staging data and metadata by cruise for science party and archive

  • Work with shore side support team to monitor scientific hardware and software developments and take appropriate steps to provide modern and effective technical science capabilities
  • Assist other ship departments as necessary, including work on deck and in small boats
  • Operate and support ship mechanical systems such as winches, A-frames, and cranes
  • Participate in any emergency duties according to the vessels Muster Plan and Shipboard Contingency Plan, and assist the master in drills and emergency training of the crew
  • Prepare a detailed hand-over note for the rotating STO/ITO.

General expectation     Contribute to keep a good working environment within the company.

  • By the expression "Good Working Environment" the Company emphasise:Treat your colleagues with respect and politeness Contribute to keep a positive atmosphere on your work place Keep the work place free of discrimination, harassment and bullying Be open-minded and honest Respect decisions made by your superior and contribute to realisation

  • The STO/ITO shall be well familiarised with the Quality and Safety Management System and beware of all procedures and instructions related to his responsibility and tasks. He shall also be a motivator to the rest of the crew with special attention to the engine department.

Minimum qualification requirements

  • The STO/ITO is required to hold a bachelor’s degree in Environmental or Marine Science, Computer Science, Information
The Crew Network is an equal opportunity employer.