Natural Resource Technicians - Skagit River System Cooperative



Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Job Description: Support a variety of SRSC projects in the collection and compilation of samples and/or data for salmon-related research.

In this position you will support SRSC’s mission of salmon recovery in the Skagit River watershed through a variety of fisheries research field data collection activities. A typical day is 8-10 hours and might begin at 4 am for tidally dependent beach seine sampling or 8 am for upper basin stream sampling. We collect data on juvenile fish in habitats throughout the watershed, from river floodplains and mainstem sites to riverine tidal distributaries and estuarine tidal blind channels or bayfront beach sites. We observe, collect, identify, measure, and release juvenile salmon and non-salmon species, as well as collect physical habitat data and water quality. These data are typically used in project-specific effectiveness monitoring or as reference data for larger spatial status and trend questions. In general, we investigate whether habitat restoration actions increase salmon use of estuary or floodplain sites and ultimately increase salmon populations.

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