Able Seafarer, R/V David Packard

Monterey Bay Aquariam Research Institute

Monterey Bay Aquariam Research Institute

Posted on Saturday, August 26, 2023

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) is seeking candidates for Able Seafarer Deck (AB-D) aboard the state of the art research vessel David Packard, currently under construction in Spain. We are looking for people that are enthusiastic about commissioning a new ship; bringing the ship out of the shipyard, transiting back to our home port in California and staring science operations.

MBARI works to create and globally scale the research and technology required to explore, map, and understand our changing ocean. Access to the ocean via research vessels is fundamental to accomplishing this mission. You’ll work with crew members, scientists, and technical staff to build and maintain a collaborative and inclusive environment to achieve mission goals.

Able seafarers will have an important role in watch standing, completing science operations, performing maintenance routines and reporting to officers about what works and what doesn’t on the new vessel. MBARI encourages autonomy in problem solving and wants employees to be creative about finding solutions.

After delivery the ship will be tasked with supporting 5-10 day multi-disciplinary science missions (longer trips are possible). In an average year the vessel supports about 18-20 science missions per year.

Operations consist primarily in supporting remote and autonomous vehicles including a 4000m work class ROV, AUVs, and wave gliders. Moorings, CTDs, and other science sampling operations are common.

The David Packard is a Coast Guard inspected subchapter U vessel, DNV Classed 1A, STCW, SOLAS, and ISM regulated vessel. We expect and rely upon crew members to maintain the vessel to the highest standards and will support them in this effort.

The ship is equipped with a variable speed DC grid diesel electric propulsion system, azimuthing thrusters, dynamic positioning, advanced automation. Operation of sophisticated winch and deck equipment will be required.

Shipboard living conditions: Two-person cabins meeting MLC standards. Personnel have access to satellite internet with bandwidth restrictions (no streaming, some sites blocked). The ship also offers a small gym and good coffee. Usual underway schedule is 12 hours/day (4 on 8 off with 4 hours OT), in port schedule is typically 8-hour days.

Primary responsibilities:
• Watch stander, is part of the emergency response teams
• Implements procedures for deployment and recovery of scientific equipment and offers feedback to improve processes
• Mobilizes and demobilizes equipment and stores before and after cruises
• Completes maintenance, cleaning, and safety inspections in collaboration with Chief Mate and Bosun, assists as directed
• Shares seamanship and operations experience with others, cultivates a positive work atmosphere, and collaboration between scientists and crew

Required qualifications:
• Able Seafarer Deck, STCW II/5
• Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties, VI/6
• Intermediate digital literacy
• Valid passport
• Covid-19 vaccination
• Ability to work up to 30 days continuously on expedition voyages

Desired qualifications:
• Advanced digital literacy, experience using preventative maintenance software (NS5, Helm Connect, etc.)
• Fast Rescue Boat endorsement, VI/2-2
• Previous experience working on research vessels, running deep sea winches, cranes and A-frames
• Experience working with autonomous assets, AUVs, ROVs, wave gliders