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System Engineer

Marauder Robotics

Marauder Robotics

Other Engineering · Full-time
Atlanta, GA, USA
Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Opportunity Description: System Engineer

Overview Marauder Robotics strives to bring the ocean to the office, becoming akin to the "John Deere of the Sea". As John Deere is known for providing equipment, tools, logistic services and technology solutions to farmers, Marauder Robotics will do the same for aquaculture operators, marine managers, fishermen, vessel maintenance workers, and conservationists by placing near real-time data in the hands of these marine stewards and to remotely take action where applicable. In 10 years, Marauder Robotics will be deploying cloud connected marine hardware and services in more than 1500 commercial locations (10,000+ acres) on four continents, allowing access to the ocean from the office. Marauder Robotics is building a robust and rugged autonomous underwater vehicle platform and multipurpose data collection hub system. The Marauder system is a marine management tool that leverages computer vision, machine learning, and robotics to automate manual tasks traditionally done by divers. Over the next 12 months, Marauder Robotics will build and deploy interactive data collection modules that will be evaluated and used by marine managers to better understand and respond to ecosystem changes in real-time. During this same period, Marauder Robotics will also build and test hardware to assist and amplify work done by human divers to address specific urchin imbalances.

Responsibilities A system engineer is needed to accelerate the fabrication of Marauder Robotics’ Local Urchin Reduction Equipment (LURE) systems and Diver Assist Module (DAM). The responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the activities below: ● Active LURE manufacturing o CAD model revision and custom part design o Mechanical assembly fabrication (machine shop) o Component selection and sourcing o Design assembly o Local design testing ● Diver assist module manufacturing o Same items as above ● General hardware fabrication assistance The system engineer will work closely with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO, Dr. Arthur “Trey” McClung, III), with additional input from the Chief Operating Officer (CEO, Dr. Dennis Yancey) and administration by the Chief Operating Officer (COO, Marc Minotto).

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities  CAD software design expertise (Autodesk Fusion 360, Solidworks)  Mechanical assembly and fabrication experience  System hardware testing experience (testing protocol development)  Mechatronic system experience (hardware, electronics and software integration)

Preferred Qualifications and Experience  Machine shop experience (CNC, 3D printing, waterjet, laser cutting, mill, lathe, etc)  Machine shop access (CNC, 3D printing, waterjet, laser cutting, mill, lathe, etc)

22A-r01 Preferred Qualifications and Experience (cont.)  Marine hardware and testing experience  Robotics experience (theoretical, physical)

Location  Atlanta, GA (preferred) Start Date ● Early 2022 (first quarter)

Compensation ● Commensurate with experience ● Monthly payment schedule (1st week of month)

Application Please submit the following items to arthur.mcclung@marauderrobotics.com with ‘Marauder Robotics: System Engineer Opportunity’ in the Subject field.

  1. Curriculum vitae (preferred) or Resume
  2. Availability date
  3. Statement of what you can contribute toward Marauder Robotics currently