Scientific co-founder of the European research infrastructure for coastal ocean observation - JERICO-RI (M/F)



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Brest, France
Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Job Description

Job title : Scientific co-founder of the European research infrastructure for coastal ocean observation - JERICO-RI (M/F)

Reference: PV-2023-022

Department/Office : Département Oceanographie et Dynamique des Ecosystemes

Unité de recherche - Laboratoire d’océanographie physique et spatiale

Équipe de recherche «Océan côtier »

Duty station: Brest, Bretagne, FR , France

Starting date on the job :

Deadline for applications : 27/02/2024

General areas of responsibility

The Oceanography and Ecosystems Dynamics Department (ODE) is one of Ifremer's 4 scientific departments. It comprises 4 units, spread over 13 sites. The 4 units are: the Physical and Spatial Oceanography Laboratory (the LOPS, UMR CNRS/UBO/IRD/Ifremer), the Dynamics of Coastal Ecosystems unit (DYNECO), the Physiology and Toxins of Poisonous and Harmful Microalgae unit (PHYTOX) and the Littoral unit (UL). In addition, the VIGIES service supports both public agencies with the mandate of managing the marine environment.

The position to be filled is attached to the LOPS unit’s Coastal Ocean research group. The LOPS is a joint research unit mandated by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, the Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer (Ifremer, the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD and the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO As a research unit, the LOPS develops and participates in oceanographic research programs that contribute to increasing our knowledge and understanding of ocean dynamics at different scales of space and time and study the relationships between the Ocean and other Earth system components (including atmosphere, ice, land and living organisms). The LOPS includes 4 research groups including the Coastal Ocean team that leads work on coastal environment dynamics in Metropolitan France and overseas. The LOPS is heavily involved in the scientific steering and promotion of national and international ocean observation programs, using both in-situ and satellite measurements.

Ifremer coordinates a suite of collaborative EC-funded projects related to the Joint European Research Infrastructure for Coastal Observation (JERICO). Since 2007, these European projects aim to establish a European infrastructure dedicated to coastal ocean observation JERICO-RI and to coordinate the associated scientific community. Ifremer with the CNRS is also co-lead of France’s national research Infrastructure for Littoral and Coastal observation (IR ILICO) which is the French node of JERICO-RI.

The JERICO-RI observation infrastructure project involves all of components of the ODE (Oceanography and Ecosystems Dynamics) Ifremer department. The REM (Sea-floor Physical Resources and Ecosystems) and the IRSI (Research Infrastructures and Information Systems) Departments are also involved. With respect to Ifremer’s internal organization the position is placed within the LOPS unit’s Coastal Ocean team. The Coastal Ocean team not only contributes to the scientific steering of JERICO projects (since their launch) but also benefits from services developed by JERICO. The wide scope – well beyond that of the LOPS - and transversal nature of the position is underlined, both for Ifremer as well as the national and European scientific communities.

Main mission

Integrated to the coordination team of the coastal oceanography observation infrastructure project JERICO-RI, the main mission associated with the position is to contribute to the coordination and the scientific animation (1) internally at the institute, (2) in conjunction with involved French research organizations, and (3) with European partners, in order to support the creation of a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (European Research Infrastructure Consortium, or ERIC) dedicated to the observation of the coastal and coastal ocean, JERICO -RI.

The position aims to bring about the convergence of organisms’ and European member States’ research strategies in order to build a common legal status for the entity, which will favor an integrated approach for coastal and nearshore collaborative research in a global change context and; to participate in this new entity’s governance.

Main duties

Within this context, the major duties are to:

  • Co-animate the scientific process of JERICO-RI in the framework of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) (Roadmap, Implementation, Operation phases) in line with a sustainable and sober economic model; thus contributing to the future of coastal ocean and nearshore observation at the global scale.
  • Participate to the right scientific positioning of JERICO-RI in the landscape of Environmental / Earth system European Research Infrastructures. Contribute to the implementation of the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) and/or participate in the Board of European Environmental Research Infrastructures (BEERi) and/or in EUROGOOS.
  • Ensure that the national research infrastructure IR ILICO is well scientifically integrated as the French node of the European infrastructure JERICO-RI and that IR ILICO benefits from JERICO’s advances.
  • Maximize the contributions and scientific impact of the creation of JERICO-RI for Ifremer teams and other national research institutes (development of networks, funding opportunities, pooling of resources, etc.). In particular, to ensure that the data, products and services resulting from coastal observation (produced for numerous uses covering scientific research but also uses for society as a whole) are used for scientific research conducted within Ifremer in connection with the DataTerra Research Infrastructure.
  • Drive a research activity based on acquired data in ILICO and JERICO research infrastructures.

Collaborative work environment

  • Internally to Ifremer: This cross-cutting activity implies interactions within the ODE department, with the national research infrastructure’s (IR ILICO) management team (co-lead by Ifremer and CNRS-INSU), with the REM department (Sea-floor Physical Resources and Ecosystems) and specifically the RDT technological unit, with the Research Infrastructures and Information Systems department (IRSI), with the Biological Resources and Environment department (RBE), with the Oceanographic Fleet Directorate (DFO) and with the Scientific Directorate (DS).

  • Externally: A vast network of other national and international institutions contributing to ocean observation, other research and data infrastructures (in particular Euro-ARGO, EMSO ERIC, EMBRC, DANUBIUS, AQUACOSM & DATA TERRA), the Fr-OOS (French Ocean Observing System), the Ministry of Research, the European partners, coordination bodies (e.g. EOOS, EuroGOOS), funding agencies, political decision-makers in Europe, and potential international partners.

Required Knowledge, skills, and characteristics

  • Initial training in marine sciences (PhD or equivalent experience); additional training in project management would be an asset.
  • Experience in fundraising, grant writing, coordination and management of European projects. Experience in managing observing systems and services, preferably at the international level.

Required knowledge, skills and characteristics

Technical and professional skills

  • Expertise in marine sciences including research scientific experience in the field of ocean observations.
  • Knowledge in the whole observation process: system and sensors, data management, scientific products and services
  • Knowledge of the European marine research and observation framework, European Commission processes, ESFRI and other European and international research infrastructures.
  • Familiarity with the concept of the economic model (business plan) of European infrastructures and services.
  • Excellent level of general and technical English.

Personal skills

  • Strategic vision.
  • Ability to work in a team and to collaborate with different stakeholders.
  • Ability to seek fundings (research funds, private sector contracts, …).
  • Recognized leadership in a professional framework, broad and effective management skills dedicated to multi-disciplinary groups.
  • Good public speaker.

Specific working conditions

  • Full time, extensive travel in France, Europe and potentially further abroad

The Institute and the recruiting departement

A pioneer in ocean science, IFREMER’s cutting-edge research is grounded in sustainable development and open science. Our vision is to advance science, expertise and innovation to:

  • Protect and restore the ocean
  • Sustainably use marine resources to benefit society
  • Create and share ocean data, information & knowledge.

With more than 1,500 personnel spread along the French coastline in more than 20 sites, the Institute explores the 3 great oceans: the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. A leader in ocean science, IFREMER is managing the French Oceanographic Fleet and its dedicated scientists create ground-breaking technology to push the boundaries of ocean exploration and knowledge, from the abyss to the atmosphere-ocean interface.

Well-established in the international scientific community, our scientists, engineers and technicians are committed to advance knowledge about our planet’s last unexplored frontiers. They provide the science we need for informed decision-making and public policy and they transfer this knowledge and technology to businesses to fulfill public and private needs. Core to our mission is also to strengthen public awareness about the importance of understanding the ocean and its resources, and empowering future generations of leaders through education and outreach national campaigns.

Founded in 1984, IFREMER is a French public organization and its budget approximates 240 million euros. It is operating under the joint authority of the French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the french Ministry of the Sea, the French Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition, and the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

How to apply for this position

Deadline for applications: 27/02/2024

All applications are processed exclusively via our website. Interested candidates can apply by clicking the “Apply” button.