Science Deputy Director (H/F)



Nantes, France
Posted on Friday, October 20, 2023

Job Description

Job title : Science Deputy Director (H/F)

Reference:  PV-2023-028

Department/Office :  Direction Scientifique

Duty station:  Nantes, Pays de la Loire, FR , France

Starting date on the job :

Deadline for applications : 13/11/2023






General areas of responsibility

The Scientific Directorate (DS) is responsible for developing and deploying the institute's scientific strategy, both internally and in external partnerships. It guarantees the transversality, quality and relevance of Ifremer's scientific activities. As such, it participates in the various decisions concerning the resources allocated to scientific activities.


The Science Deputy Director (DSA) is directly under the responsibility of the Scientific Director and works in coordination with the other Deputy Scientific Directors. Within the strategic framework of the Institute, its field of activity focuses on:

  • the interface between the DS and the scientific and technological departments,
  • the interface between the DS and the coordination of the support for public policies (APP) and in particular the management of specific objectives included in the ‘Objectives, Means and Performance’ contract (COMP) with our supervisory ministries and in the institute project under the theme " Science for and with society",
  • the interface with the Innovation Department,
  • the interface with the Atlantic Center Management, particularly for partnership relation and site policy (I-Site NExT, PUI Nantes University).


Within the Scientific Directorate, you also interacts with the assistant, the project managers and thematic referents. Through your mandates, you are required to work with the directors of scientific departments and the various functional departments.


Main missions


  • Guarantee, in the positioning and exchanges of the DS externally, consistency with Ifremer's strategy (institute project, strategic plan – contract of objectives, means and performance).
  • Contribute to building partnership links between Ifremer and all research organizations (universities, engineering schools, etc.) at the national, European and even international level in the field of the sea.
  • Participate directly in the Atlantic Center's site policy, and in particular in the construction of partnership projects with Universities and Engineering Schools.
  • Contribute to strengthening interactions and transversality between the different Ifremer teams, particularly at the Nantes site and the attached coastal stations.
  • Strengthen the institute's capacity for influence in expertise and support for public policies, and convey the institute's messages within the framework of openness to society as defined in the Ifremer institute 2030 project.



Principal activities


  • Contribution to the construction of Ifremer's scientific and partnership strategy,
  • As delegate for “science with and for society”: (i) Within the Scientific Department, privileged contact to lead the policy of strengthening dialogue between the scientific community and civil society, participation in discussions organized by the Ministry responsible for Research and with other scientific organizations (mobilization of stakeholders and scientists, promotion of joint projects, measurement of project impacts, dissemination of results, charter for openness to society, etc.); (ii) Within Ifremer, coordination of the strengths and skills required (scientific direction, departments, communications department, coordination of the APP, delegate for ethics and scientific integrity, etc.) to implement the strategy defined in the Institute 's project.
  • Representation of the DS in various scientific bodies involving Ifremer in national, European and international programs, including Comer (Committee for Marine, Maritime and Coastal Research).
  • Within the Scientific Department, a key contact for the policy of strengthening dialogue between the scientific community and civil society, participation in discussions organized by the Ministry of Research and with other scientific organizations (mobilization of players and scientists, promotion of joint projects, measurement of project impact, dissemination of results, charter for openness to society, etc.).
  • Contribution to the evaluation of “biodiversity” and “exploited resources” (e.g., fisheries) themes within the institute.
  • Contribution to the construction of the Nantes University site policy (I-Site NExT, Projet ExcellenceS, etc.)
  • Management or co-management of actions and projects monitored by the Scientific Department (Overseas Action Plan, PPR BRIDGES, PEPR TIERED, ATLASEA, etc.) or at the request of the General Management.
  • Contribution to evaluation commissions linked to various DS calls for projects: doctoral and post-doctoral commissions, co-hosting of sessions organized by the DS (Young Researchers/Young Engineers seminars, etc.).
  • Evaluation of scientific projects, thesis proposals and HDRs (defence committees).
  • Contribution to the recruitment of researchers and engineers (recruitment juries).
  • Representation of the DS internally (Site management, joint research units committee, etc.).



Relational domains


  • Internally :

CEO, Deputy General Director (DGD), Innovation Department (DI), Legal and Financial Affairs Department (DAJF), ​​Communications Department (DCOM), Members of the Scientific Department, Public Policy Support Coordination (APP), Department Directors, Directors of units, Joint Research units Directors, Human Resources Managers (HRR), Site Management.


  • Externally:


Universities, research institutes, engineering schools, Ministry of Research, European Commission, Universities and international organizations




Required Knowledge, skills, and characteristics


  • Level of training: Doctorate (HDR and equivalent for non-national candidates)
  • Professional experience: Practices in the research environment and research management; Experience in the oceanographic field; International experience


Skills to be implemented on the position


Technical skills/jobs (knowledge, know-how):

  • Knowledge of the Higher Education and Research (ESR) environment
  • Scientific legitimacy (doctorate, HDR and equivalent for non-national candidates, publications)
  • Legitimacy in terms of scientific management at European level
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize scientific documents


Personal qualities (soft skills):

  • Interest in Ifremer’s scientific policy
  • Taste for collective work and coordination
  • Ability to work in collaboration with scientific, administrative and financial professions
  • Ability to synthesize and understand complex situations
  • Ability to listen and explain
  • Altruism, tolerance
  • Speed, responsiveness
  • Reliability, rigor and tenacity



Specific working conditions


  • Full time
  • Missions in mainland France, overseas and abroad
  • Videoconferences
  • Telework – part - (according to the Institute common agreement)

All our applications are processed via our intranet site. For more information, send your email to



The Institute and the recruiting departement

A pioneer in ocean science, IFREMER’s cutting-edge research is grounded in sustainable development and open science. Our vision is to advance science, expertise and innovation to:

  • Protect and restore the ocean
  • Sustainably use marine resources to benefit society
  • Create and share ocean data, information & knowledge.

With more than 1,500 personnel spread along the French coastline in more than 20 sites, the Institute explores the 3 great oceans: the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. A leader in ocean science, IFREMER is managing the French Oceanographic Fleet and its dedicated scientists create ground-breaking technology to push the boundaries of ocean exploration and knowledge, from the abyss to the atmosphere-ocean interface.

Well-established in the international scientific community, our scientists, engineers and technicians are committed to advance knowledge about our planet’s last unexplored frontiers. They provide the science we need for informed decision-making and public policy and they transfer this knowledge and technology to businesses to fulfill public and private needs. Core to our mission is also to strengthen public awareness about the importance of understanding the ocean and its resources, and empowering future generations of leaders through education and outreach national campaigns.

Founded in 1984, IFREMER is a French public organization and its budget approximates 240 million euros. It is operating under the joint authority of the French Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the french Ministry of the Sea, the French Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition, and the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food.



How to apply for this position

Deadline for applications: 13/11/2023

All applications are processed exclusively via our website. Interested candidates can apply by clicking the “Apply” button.