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Posted on Sunday, June 16, 2024

Community Engagement Coordinator

Salinas Valley Multi-Benefit Land Repurposing Program

Part-Time, 1-2 Year Term Position


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For full consideration, apply by July 15. Applications will not be accepted via LinkedIn. All applications must be sent via email as indicated in full job announcement.

The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation (CMSF) is seeking a Community Engagement Coordinator to work with CMSF and the Salinas Valley Multi-benefit Land Repurposing Program (MLRP) Team on a project to implement water resource management projects in the Lower Salinas Valley Watershed.

The Salinas Valley Multi-benefit Land Repurposing Program involves working with a broad coalition of stakeholders to strategically and voluntarily repurpose the least viable agricultural lands in the Lower Salinas Valley that can provide multiple water resource benefits. The project is part of the California Department of Conservation’s (DOC’s) Multi-benefit Land Repurposing Program designed to increase regional capacity to repurpose agricultural land, thereby reducing reliance on groundwater, increasing groundwater sustainability, and providing other community benefits.

Your role is to support outreach to a broad and diverse range of communities and neighborhoods within the northern Salinas Valley to promote a comprehensive community understanding of the MLRP program; and to advance the collaborative stakeholder structure that aligns land and water management projects with community values and supports the program over the long term.

Tasks include:


  • Assist the project team in creating cross-culturally relevant, concise statements about the program and effective questions to solicit comments about desired project benefits, concerns, community values, and visions for the future of the region in terms of land and water management.
  • Effectively convey these messages to the community through the tasks described below.

Community Surveys

  • Review surveys created by the MLRP Project Team.
  • Translate surveys into Spanish and assure that surveys are cross-culturally relevant.
  • Distribute surveys to effectively reach an established proportion of the community.
  • Collect survey responses.
  • Analyze survey responses quantitatively and qualitatively to extract key points related to community visions, values, potential project benefits and potential negative impacts of the MLRP projects.
  • Provide a written summary, in text and data, of the survey results to the MLRP Project Team

Community Meetings – In-Person

Community Meetings – Online

Social Media

About You

The successful applicant will have:

• Substantial experience and a proven track record of effective community engagement and collaboration across diverse communities and organizations, including experience with the tasks described below.

• Fluency in Spanish and English, and at least the ability to coordinate with Mixteco translators to communicate effectively with community members and community-based organizations.

• Ability to facilitate broad regional support for the program.

• A basic understanding of watershed processes related to wetland restoration, flood-risk reduction, water storage and treatment, and groundwater recharge sufficient to allow community engagement and education for the purposes of this program.

• Substantial experience planning, organizing, facilitating and documenting in-person meetings, and effectively coordinating with community-based organizations to allow MLRP information to be presented and discussed at meetings convened by those organizations.

• Experience developing and translating meeting announcements, fliers, and other brief informational materials in paper and digital form.

• Ability to organize and provide food, refreshments, and childcare activities to encourage meeting participation.

• Ability to host online meetings, including sharing presentations among multiple online presenters, recording and responding to chats, and managing discussion to allow all participants opportunities to comment.

• Ability to walk neighborhoods in the immediate vicinity of potential projects to engage residents door-to-door or by other means.

• Ability to create complete, concise reports documenting the level of engagement and capturing community comments, including specific project benefits identified by community members as well as details of broader community visions and values. • Ability to work in a positive and efficient way with staff from CMSF, the MLRP Project Team, and program managers at the California Department of Conservation.